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 Visit "Beyond Milestones" (when prompted, the password is 'cunningham')  

'Beyond Milestones' is a free online resource introducing core skills in the assessment of child development.  It uses video demonstrations of real-life, short developmental assessments plus expert commentary and (optional) self-assessment modules.  It was developed over a five-year period by clinicians at Sydney Children's Hospitals Network and the University of New South Wales, Australia.

'Beyond Milestones' works. 

The authors conducted a randomised controlled trial testing the usefulness of 'Beyond Milestones' using Australian paediatric trainee doctors.  The study found that using 'Beyond Milestones' improved knowledge, increased confidence and was useful, providing a structured approach to developmental assessment. 

Read more about the 'Beyond Milestones' study.

'Beyond Milestones' is for anyone who sees children in a clinical context. 

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Beyond Milestones

Visit "Beyond Milestones" (password = cunningham)

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