The Journal of Paediatrics and Health

The Patient's Voice

Children often lack a voice

For 50 years the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health has helped health professionals communicate with each other.

What we have lacked is a way for our patients, and the parents of our patients, to communicate with us.

Introducing "The Patient's Voice"

We will consider any form of article, prose or poem

We invite children or their parents to submit articles up to about 1000 words long about any aspect of child health.

We also invite paediatricians and other health care professionals to solicit and submit such articles. Possible topics include living with an illness, visiting the hospital, being given a diagnosis, being a refugee, dealing with side effects of treatments or living with a sibling or parent who is ill.

We will consider any form of article, prose or poem, and will favour articles that educate health care professionals about what we are and are not doing well or can help us to better understand a child’s perspective.

A submitting health care professional can be a co-author and is invited to write an accompanying commentary, which we may or may not use.

Articles may be submitted by email, or using our publisher's website.

If you would like to ask questions or discuss your submission with an editor, please email us.